Canola 2015-02

Canola 2015-01


The Canola flowers are blooming! The crops may be struggling in this drought but they are still something to look at :)

Spring Rows

Zeiss Ikon Contessamat SBE

The Zeiss Ikon Contessamat SBE is the third camera I recently bought at a yard sale. At the 1 second, 1/2 second and 1/4 second settings I noticed the shutter is sticking. I am hoping the faster shutters speeds are accurate enough to take some photos! Cross you fingers for me and lets hope my first roll of film works :)

Zeiss Ikon

Polaroid Land Cameras 450 and 360

I recently purchased these Polaroid cameras at a yard sale along with a 35mm rangefinder. Hopefully after I modify the battery compartment they will run without any issues. Kim may  say I have an addiction to cameras. I can’t help it if they keep finding me! ;)

Land Cameras 450 and 350