Black and White Photography

I’ve been determined to find out how to make a good B&W picture. Last winter I tried to salvage  my “okay”  pictures by converting them to black and white.  Unfortunately,  I failed miserably  😦    At least, in the process of failing, I have managed to learned what will look horrible   🙂

I did find four I like.  One is from my old 4 megapixel Pentax point and shoot.

Dinosaur Park, Alberta

South of Dumheller, Alberta

Jasper National Park, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta (Taken at an Edmonton Photography Club Meetup)


4 thoughts on “Black and White Photography

  1. Great photos Charlie, I love B&W! Something about a black and white photo draws me into the frame and makes me empathize with the subject on a whole other level. There is something fantastically ethereal about b&w portraiture as well, as if you are able to catch a glimpse of a person’s soul or something.
    I have tried the whole convert boring pictures to b&w in order to breath life in them, but have found that a boring picture is a boring picture is a boring picture. This is the reason why I strongly dislike many of the photos I see my friends taking with the smartphones. A photo of your feet is not interesting, I don’t care if it is made with a holga or whatever strange filters you want to throw on it, I just don’t care.
    Keep exploring.



    1. Thank’s for the compliment Mike 🙂 I even converted some of my fav color ones and they did not work either. I’m starting to think there is more to B&W. I think I still prefer my color though.


  2. Hi Charlie, I totally love your South of Dumheller photo up there, it’s truly stunning.
    Dedicate a day every now and then to just taking black and white, see if you like it. It’s amazing how it makes you look at things very differently.
    I’m an avid B&W person, so maybe my opinion is a bit biased.



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