Edmonton Photography Meetup

One of  my goals this year is to be more out going.   I am not the shyest person.  But, when I grab the camera, I can never seem to say “Hey can I take your picture”.

I feel the need to get out of my comfort zone.

I figure that, if I want to shoot people, I will have to be more of a risk taker.   So, I started to blog and I have signed up at a local photography club.  I am slowly meeting people.  I guess this will be a step process.  🙂

Last month I went to my first meetup at the Shaw Conference centre.    I enjoyed the meetup.  I did not take any giant leaps forward  by asking random people if I could shoot their portrait.   But the meetup did force me to be creative…….which is also a main goal I have.

I really like these two pictures.  I might not have had to ask his  permission…….but they are portraits  😉

One of the challenges was motion burr and these pictures are some of my results.


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