Laura McGlone Photography

I first saw Laura’s photography about a month ago when I visited her website.  She  loves to travel and her pictures show it.  I was very happy to see such a talented photographer  living in Edmonton.  I encourage you to visit her website.  You’ll see lots of great pictures.   You could also meet her in person and see her prints.  Last Saturday I did just that.

I knew she was displaying and selling her work at Edmonton’s City Centre Market.  Just before noon I dragged myself out of bed and I went straight to the market.  Her business was booming when I arrived.   So I started to look at all the great prints.  Laura gave me a smile and a hello.   She saw my camera bag and asked me something photographyish…..  I was a little nervous so I don’t remember the exact question  🙂  But it did give me a chance to introduce myself.

We talked about photography while I thumbed through her photos.  During our conversation I was introduced to Laura’s Husband.   After a couple of minutes I gather some interesting information.   I do believe that there was an extra line added to their wedding vows.  I imagine it went something like this:

in sickness and health…… long as I, Laura use Apple computers from now on……….. as long as I, Doug shoot Canon cameras from now on……    Sorry Laura I had to include that 🙂  I know, I know,  I am a nerd.  No one has to tell me.

So the visit to the market went great.  I picked up an awesome portrait of a cow.  Yes a cow!     And then on my way out, of the market,  I picked up some kettle corn.   You can’t go to the markets in Edmonton without having some kettle corn.  🙂

Laura in front of her tent


4 thoughts on “Laura McGlone Photography

      1. That is a hard questions to answer. It all depends on what you want to shoot. Nikon, Canon and other DSLR camera manufacturers make great cameras. But like any industry there can be fanboys. SLRs are not for everyone or every situation. Its just another tool.


  1. Well i did recently borrow a Canon from a friend & it was really good. A few yrs old, but still really good. I guess I’ll just have to try them out my self starting with finding some one w/a Nikon


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