Sunset Photography Fun

Last night was fun and bitter sweet.  The sunset was perfect.   The colors were great and there was a nice amount of clouds.   If only I had a subject.  😦

I had decided to explore the city since it was a work day.  I was looking for something new.  But, in the end I found myself at a familiar location.

The main thing that I was struggling with was subject matter.  Where was my subject?  Just another sunset?  Where’s my creativity?

So I wondered around looking for the cool something.  Hoping something would yell out at me……thinking  I should have  a light stand and an umbrella!   Then there could have been more potential subjects to shoot.

I managed to capture a few shots I like.  After I process the pictures I will post.   The picture above was one of the last shots I took.  The more I look at it the more I like 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sunset Photography Fun

  1. I really like your sunset photo!! The colors are gorgeous and I really like the vertical lines….makes the sunset shot a lot more original!


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