Photography – Colors and Texture

A couple of weekends ago I stumbled upon the Alberta Railway museum.   I was just outside of town, looking for a cool landscape shot, when I drove by a sign.  I wasn’t having any luck with my adventure.   So, I decided to turn left and head to the museum.

Unfortunately, the museum was closed  😦   But the gate was open and right behind it was an engine and a box car.  To my luck, I was able to snap some shots before they closed the gate and kicked me out  🙂   At that moment I was hooked on train pictures and the next day I went back to the museum.

These photographs are some of my favorites.

I still need to process more from that weekend.  I am thinking of waiting until after this weekend to look at them again.  I am not the most creative person on the post processing side.  I feel the need to try and “make it” all in camera.   However, I’ve seen some great and creative images on the internet.  Ones that are obviously more digital art than traditional pictures.   I feel like going “outside my comfort zone” might improve my creativity as a whole.  So I am excited to watch this weekends CreativeLive course called  “Beyond Photography – Artistic Post Production with Doug Landreth”   I am hoping this class will help me use some of my other pictures from the museum.


2 thoughts on “Photography – Colors and Texture

  1. I learned something the other day while watching “another day with Jay Maisel” on Scott Kelby’s blog. He (Jay) said that he tries to go out empty when out on a photo walk. By this he means he doesn’t have any preconceptions about what he is going out to shoot, he just lets life happen to him and tries to stay alert to things unfolding around him. In this way he is able to get outside of himself and experience the world around him and he gets a lot of great shots.I believe this is what happened to you this day. Here is to learning how to “turn left and go to the museum”.


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