Lighting Test

It ended up being a very busy day.  I got drafted into an army of two.  The mission?   Shopping.  My main duty was driving and saying “yes I like”.   So on top of being hung over from the wine and beer.   I was forced to fight the Walmart and the grocery store masses today. I can’t complain too much. I am sitting on my my new patio chair as I write this post.  The chair is very comfy 🙂  It is sooo comfy that I just don’t care about all my  mistakes in grammar tonight.  I refuse to edit.

This evening, I headed out to my new fav nature/landscape location after filling up on sushi at Sumo Sumo and taking a long nap.  The weather did not agree with my vision.   So,  I did not capture much.  But, I was able to scout out a few sweet locations for some future photographs.

One of my goals today was to edit last weekends macro shots and Thursdays self portraits.  But I am too comfortable in my patio chair, at two in the morning, to process any images.   But I do have two shots I’d like to share.  Both are from Thursday.  Both are test shots.

I was waiting for colder light.  I love this warm light.  But my goal was to get cooler light and these two do not fit in with my shoot on Thursday.  So I will share them now.  They are not award winning.   But I like 🙂


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