Sunset Self Portraits

These are my favorite sunset portraits from last week.   I can’t wait to practice on someone else  🙂

I hope you like 🙂

The biggest problem I had to deal with was focus and exposure.  It was hard to mark my spot in the grass.  I was always in a slightly different spot.   Some of my favs don’t have perfect focus.  But this experiment was about proper exposure.


The first four pictures are from Thursday and the last one is from Saturday.   Thursday was windy and the mosquitoes were not too bad.  I was bitten a few times and ended up only cloning out a few from the pictures.  Saturday was horrible.   I ended up cloning at least twenty mosquitoes and, despite using bug dope, I was constantly bitten.   I was using a slow shutter speed for Saturdays picture and, as a result, many of the mosquitoes looked like little streaks of light.  It looked kind of cool.

I used an umbrella on Thursday’s shoot and a grid spot on Saturday.  The two vertical shots were taken seconds apart.  I was trying different ambient exposure settings.


7 thoughts on “Sunset Self Portraits

  1. Nice job on the sunset pics. Great balance between the flash and ambient. I’ve been wanting to try this but have not found a wiling ‘victim’ as yet.


  2. I like the first vert. shot only cause you are not looking at the camera (nothing personal, I just think the “feel” is better). 😀 Nice job on the balance between fill/natural light, looking forward to seeing more!


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