Sea of Yellow II

My First attempt at a “Sea of Yellow” in the summer of 2009.  My first summer with a DSLR camera  🙂

My second attempt Last Summer.


9 thoughts on “Sea of Yellow II

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

      The biggest change was the light. The first one I shot around supper time (6:00-7:00?). The second was shot minutes before sunset.

      There were a few more clouds and they were also darker in the second picture. The the two yellows were from a different plant. The second plant gave a bit more of a warmer yellow. The plant in the second shot was as tall as me. I also used a very wide lens.


  1. The wide lens is a perfect choice for landscape; you’ve used it to great effect. I really like how you’ve incorporated a larger portion of the sky in your second shot; there’s a touch more drama involved. Thanks for posting!


  2. This picture reminds me of when I first drove to Edmonton to live. Some people see the prairies as flat and uninteresting, but your picture shows how great the open land can be.

    When I look at the pic, I can feel the wind blowing from behind me as the clouds race over the fields, just as if I were standing there.

    Thanks for sharing.


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