Where Is My Camera?

I had fun taking these pictures.  It kick started my boring afternoon……well kicked me awake at least.

I initially thought B&W and actually shot it in B&W.  But after looking at the raw data I am not sure.  What do yo think?

1 Color

2 B&W

1 B&W

2 Color

I have not accomplished my ultimate goal yet.   The goal is to take my camera everywhere -without thinking, just grab it and leave.

There has always been an excuse.  One excuse, on the list, was the weather and how it could ruin my new camera…..”what if I got caught in the rain?”  Another was “there is nothing interesting to take a picture of anyway”.  The list goes on and on.  In my defense, my first camera purchase was a huge deal.  It was no D3x but it was expensive to me.  But now I have acquired a new DSLR and a couple of old D40’s.    I know some of my “ultimate” goals will never happen.  Especially the one about learning proper English.

But this summer I am going to make this one happen……..hopefully.


5 thoughts on “Where Is My Camera?

  1. Very cool images. I really like the black/whites…upon initial inspection, they make me think about what’s going on. Also, I especially like how the clouds seem to become complete wholes (because of their reflections) in 1 B&W.


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