Adventure Cancelled Due to Nap

In my excuse its been a very long week.  The nap was quite enjoyable.  🙂

And in my defense I did get up from the nap with plenty of time for a short adventure………if the rain clouds did not move in.

The plan was to head north of the city again.  Earlier this week, I got bored with familiar surroundings and headed out for a drive.  I was looking for the million or so old barns and houses that Alberta has lying around.  That night I came back a little happier and with a few ideas in mind.

My apartment balcony door faces the sunset.  It’s the only window in my tiny apartment.   Well that’s not true.  I have a bedroom window that looks out into the balcony as well.    So I get a 180 view of my balcony……yay.  This sometimes can give me false hope as to the quality of the weather.  So, as I was stepping outside to the parking lot, I noticed tonnes of clouds moving in.  They seemed to be coming from where I wanted to go 😦

I was still groggy from the nap.   I through my pack sack into the car and did the only thing you can do in such a situation.  I went to Starbucks.  I know,  I know, its not the best coffee around.  But it’s what I needed.

After figuring out that I was right.  The clouds where going to ruin my, already somewhat failed, adventure.  I decided to head to the river valley.  For those of you not familiar with Edmonton.  The river cuts Edmonton in half – diagonally.   There are parks all along the river and bicycle paths connect them. They start by my house in the northeast and end in the southwest.  I enjoy the river valley.  It can be a strange mix at times.  On one side you will have a park and the other a huge industrial thing that spews out smoke….. or how about the sewage treatment facility.  Lets go have a BBQ.  Eat hot dogs and breath in the fresh fresh air.  🙂  Nice stuff.

As I was driving, with my star bucks coffee frappacino, I started to figure the clouds would ruin everything soon.  So, instead of heading somewhere different, I headed back to my favorite deformed tree.  I did not accomplish much.  No breath taking photos.  But I did manage to shoots tonnes of frames.  Lots of exposures for HDR practice later.   Usually Practice isn’t that fun…..but this is shooting  🙂  Its always fun.


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