1:30 am

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5 thoughts on “1:30 am

  1. The color is spectacular… it’s like something from a dream. I’m currently obsessed with nightscapes, so I gotta know how you did it.

    And thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for visiting and the great compliment 🙂

      This was my first attempt at light painting. I used a spot light on the trees (for a few seconds) and a 470 second exposure for the sky. The white balance was a pain. The sky was natural light and the trees were incandescent-ish light. So I set the white balance to incandescent and had to use use a hue adjustment and mask to get the color of the sky close to what I wanted. Otherwise it would have been a weird blue instead. I forgot one key piece of equipment for this picture – my Ipod for a timer and music..,…..so I had to count. 🙂


    1. Thanks Mike 🙂 I used F8 since the main subject was the trees. I might have gotten away with F5.6. The ISO was 800.

      I think you can get away with lower F stops if your subject is mainly the stars or there is a smaller/farther away subject like a tent. I hope to practice this type of stuff more 🙂


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