Portraits in the Alberta Badlands

A sunset practice shoot on Canada Day.

Technical Notes:

After practicing I noticed a couple key mistakes.  They are:

1) Head not in a clean spot

2) Overblown red channel (on skin)

I should not have made either mistake.  The overblown red channel irks me a bit more.  I dealt with that issue during the winter.  I was making the mistake when Jessica was facing further away from the sun.   Instead of adding a fill light I increased exposure.  I ignored what the histogram was saying.

You don’t get the blinky’s when only one channel is blown.  But you still loose some detail.  So I convinced myself a little blown out red channel was okay.  The pictures still look good but I know its not perfect.

I think I need to print these two rules and keep them in my camera bag somewhere.  Something to remind me of the mistakes.  At least until I have them ingrained in my brain…….may be a tattoo on my arm  😉

All in All I am happy with how everything went.  I practiced getting Jessica to look more natural, in each picture, and we had a fun time 🙂


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