10 years ago

It was 10 years ago that Jessica gave me my favorite gift ever.  A 5 foot tall by 3.5 foot wide portrait of Jimi  🙂

She painted it at school (to hide it from me) and gave it to me in the summer.  Its the only living room fixture that survived our many moves.

It’s been cloudy and rainy out lately.  So tonight I decided to test my speedlite.  I was trying to get a”real world” feel for recycle times and how fast I could shoot (at different power settings).  Jimi was my subject.  As I was testing the lights I started to wonder how long I’ve had the painting.  The answer was kind of shocking.  I figured may be seven years……not ten.

My other favorite lighting subject, to practice on,  is Jessica’s self portrait painting.  Its another huge and colorful painting.


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