What’s that Blue Stuff?

The Sun was finally out on Thursday.

The cold and rainy weather has not been helping me out.  I’ve been in a funk.   I usually don’t mind shooting in cloudy weather.  But, during the last couple of weeks I have felt my energy fade and there seems to be a cloud of unluckiness hanging over me.   I have a pile of photos to process and I feel like they can just stay where they have been put.  They are safely tucked away on my computer……..hiding in a folder labeled new folder 3…….I think.

When the weather started to clear yesterday I felt  happy and not so happy at the same time.  The weather has turned into an excuse.  An excuse not to do anything.  I have tried.  I  processed a few pictures and tested my lights.

It took all my energy just to get out the door last night.  I went out and tried to hunt down a few shots.  A few shots of  whatever I could find.

I have a love-hate relationship with this type of blind hunt.  I love the experience of the trip and hate it later when I come home empty handed.   Loosing a shoe in the muck does not help.

I ended up with a few keepers and found a new hunting ground.  It’s a location with more yellow and tonnes of mosquitoes.   I usually don’t complain about mosquitoes. But lately I am starting to feel frustrated with the unfriendly swarm.  I find myself taking multiple shots.  Not to bracket the exposure or to ensure I have proper focus. Its to ensure that at least one does not contain a large blurry mosquito in the center of the frame.

I really enjoy all types of photography.   At times that randomness seems like a good thing and at other times it feels like too much.  I figure its not the weather that has gotten me down.  Its a lack of focus or meaning.  Last year I was much more focused.  I knew what I wanted to shoot.  At the beginning of the summer I had no real goals aside from learning and practicing portrait photography.  So I came up with a list and I’ve narrowed it down.

I am thinking of it like a road trip.  It will be nice when I get to my final destination…………but I am counting on the trip being half of the fun.  Speaking of movies and road trips……..may be I’ll watch the first part of Fear and loathing in Las Vegas again…..or may be I should wait till after my holidays.


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