Thunder Bay and Loon Lake

Jessica is headed to Thunder Bay for a week 😦 ……oh wait……that means I get the whole bed to myself and I don’t have to share the T.V. remote!  Yea 🙂  Seriously though, I am more jealous than anything.  I image she’ll hang out at the lake all week.

I should get back home more often.  But there is just too much to see around here.  Besides the cats need me to turn on the T.V.  and serve them dinner.  I did manage to visit Thunder Bay last summer.  It was the first time since I moved to Edmonton.

This picture was taken at Loon lake.  The same lake and the same day as the top picture.  Notice Jessica is bundled right up.  She has the circulation of an ice cube. It was around this time of year that I really started to think more about portrait photography.   As you can see I did not learn about “head in a clean spot” until the fall…..not that I ever remember the rule now.


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