My Car

I was told that I had loved this car.   I’m not sure I can remember this exact feeling.  At one point in my life I was forced to hear me babble about the the Dukes on………you guest it – a cassette tape.  Once in a while one of sisters has to remind me of my complete fascination/love for this car.  So it is no surprise that I received my new car as a gift from Brandy 🙂

Since I am old and lazy I forgot about the Photography Club’s Car themed contest.   As I ran out the door, on my way to work, I grabbed my car and threw it in my pocket.  While at work I sneaked outside and grabbed this shot on the office co-coordinator’s SUV.


7 thoughts on “My Car

  1. If only you could have angled the car to get rid of the car shadow, then with that cloud, it would have made it look like it was making a classic dukes of hazard jump. Although, maybe not the same without road dust and sound effects. haha. Actually I like the reflection – it looks great. No way would you get that shiny reflection off my car. 😦


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