A Night In Prince Rupert

I have yet to sort though all the photos that were taken.  But here is a few from our first night in Prince Rupert.  The Snowbirds were scheduled to do an Air show that night.  The rainy weather decided it was a bad idea and the show was cancelled.

The weather might not have been perfect for an award winning photo, but everything looked, felt and smelled beautiful.  I love the smell of the coast.  🙂

So here is the food on the first night.  At first we headed to the more traditional seafood restaurants.  But they were full since a cruise ship was in port.  We instead found a small table at Opa Sushi.  It ended up being perfect 🙂

two seconds later…

On occasion, I drink Okanagan Spring Ale in Edmonton.  I am drinking some right now.   It tastes better on the coast.  🙂    This was the view from our Hotels Lounge.  This is a picture of Norwegian Star leaving port.


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