Arts 4 the Alley

A last minute Photography Club meet up was held at the Alley of Light.  A community event called Art 4 the Alley was going on today.  It was a day of painting and entertainment.  I hung around for the painting and stopped by later to see all the finished works of art.   It was unfortunate that I could not stay for the entertainment.

Who painted these pieces of art you may ask?  – Anyone who walked by and felt like painting.   There was some beautiful and creative art made today.  I can’t wait till the next Art 4 the Alley  🙂

I was definitely out of my element today.  Anyone who visits my blog knows I don’t photograph people much and never that many people at once.  I have learned a few technical and compositional things to improve my photography.  But the biggest thing I practiced today was asking complete strangers if I could photography them.  It helps that they were all out going and friendly people.  🙂

This first picture I really like.  But, its because I like it so much, that all the errors I made stand out and yell at me.  It is the one picture that is making me the most critical of myself.  I knew I should have had the shutter speed a bit higher and I knew I was using the wrong lens.  I ended up crawling into the back of a van, to get far enough away, for this shot.

But all in all I had great fun.  It was a sunny, hot and beautiful day and I meet some great people 🙂

Above:  The great people who made this happen.  Left: Stephanie and Jordan.  Right Back David. Right Front Chris

Click More to see lots of the great Paintings 🙂

Jordan with some art drying.


65 thoughts on “Arts 4 the Alley

  1. What a great idea for a community event! I have no painting skills whatsoever, so I think all of the paintings are great – I particularly like the one of the flowers on a brick wall that is actually pasted on a brick wall. Very cool 🙂

    Great job and congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!


  2. Great idea! Really. It is like a chalk festival but for adults, hence much better 🙂 I think if people picked up a brush once in a while, everybody would be more relaxed and happy!

    As for photographing strangers, it is always polite to ask,but once someone enters public space, they automatically relinquish their rights to privacy when it comes to photographs, I guess the assumption is, you will be seen. It is not true for recording conversations.


    1. Thanks 🙂 I believe here in Canada you can photograph people in public without asking but you cannot publish, (ie post on the web, art gallery’s etc) without permission…….not that I got written proof of there okay.


    1. No I am a terrible drawer and painter 🙂 My girlfriend Jessica is a painter. She got me interested in the arts. I have been looking into paintings more and more to study composition and lighting for my photography.


  3. Ops I think I just liked my own post….slip of the mouse

    Anyway thanks for all the great comments. The organizers really should have the credit. I was just lucky enough to be there to capture it and then share it with everyone 🙂


  4. great artwork! it’s been a while since i took the time to paint or draw. i need to get on the ball. it’d be fun to get together a group for an artistic outdoor adventure. thanks for sharing!


  5. So glad you shared this event. I know nothing about the technical aspect of photography but appreciate the artistic renderings and how you captured the day! I am a especially appreciative and can glimpse the happenings of your day and this event because of your work. Keep up the momentum and continued blessings on your wonderful pursuits. Remember to enjoy the process! You’re evolving!


  6. This is such an awesome idea – letting everyone participate in making art instead of just the ‘artists’ themselves making it. Reckon they should have this every where around the world! You did a great job with the photos 🙂 Also, that alley’s name is WAY cool! Congrats on being Fresh!


  7. PICTURE PERFECT !!! it was just gorgeous, made my eyes to roll onto every picture you posted…Just amazing photographs ..Keep going buddy 🙂


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