Architecture at the U of A

This was my first real attempt at Photographing Architecture. All of these pictures were taken here, in Edmonton, at the University of Alberta.  We focused on the new buildings that have just been built.

The photo walk went by so fast.  I am starting to think I like taking pictures of almost anything!  That can’t be good.  I just don’t have the time………must win lotto so I can stop working…….jk  It was so fun.  I am going to have to head out and shoot more buildings this fall.

These were all taken on a Photo Walk with the local camera club.   You would think everyone’s pictures would be the same but they are all quite different.   There are more pictures after the jump.

So click if you want to see them 🙂


2 thoughts on “Architecture at the U of A

  1. I particularly like 0027! Neat adventure, great shots. Towards the end they start looking like paintings. Lately I’ve been musing about joining my local photography club, would you suggest it for the casual photographer?


    1. Hello Mary, Thanks for the great comments 🙂 A photo club can be a great. It has pushed me to go out and shoot more and be a bit more social. For a lot of the members, including me, it is also another place to learn photography. The key for me was to find the right photo club. I did not want it to be too serious.


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