Drumheller – Our Trip To Dinosaur Land

I thought I would post some more Drumheller pictures.  We did not see the big Hoodoo’s or visit the Royal Tyrrell (Dinosaur) Museum like last time……So  no pictures of Dinosaurs this time 😦  If you are ever in Drumheller, for the first time, I would highly recommend you check them out.

The main goal of the trip was to get some nice shots of Drumheller and to visit a few local art and photography stores that we missed last time.  Local photographers usually have a unique eye on their home town.  They see past the usual tourist pictures.  So I always enjoy visiting local gallery’s and shops.

We arrived early afternoon on Saturday.  Our first stop was at the Horse Thief Canyon.

I convinced Jessica to let me take her picture in the canyon.  It was not an easy thing to do since she wanted to head straight to town and do some shopping.  We are a sucker for the touristy shops too 🙂

The next picture is of Jessica in the Canyon.

We both hate to have our pictures taken.  So it was only fair (in Jessica’s mind) that I had my picture taken too.

Jessica’s pictures (JM Hodder) and the portrait pictures were taken with her Canon S95.  I love these little cameras.  I wish all point and shoots would come with manual controls.

The next picture was taken at the Horse Shoe Canyon.   We went there an hour before sunset.  Canyons can be a pain.  The best light is at sunset.  But at sunset the canyons are already dark.

The next couple of pictures were taken just past East Coulee.  East Coulee is not far from Drumheller and has a really cool mine tour at the Atlas Mine.  The mine is another interesting place that I recommend.  It is a great place to capture some cool photos 🙂  We did not make it there this time.  But when we went last year it was fun.

The next photo you might recognize from my previous post.   I was a very unhappy dude at this moment.  Of course Jessica is having a fun time.   I don’t know what’s so fun about taking pictures of me taking pictures.

The last pictures were taken on Sunday.  We took an indirect route back to Edmonton.  It makes for a longer ride.  But it can be a fun photo adventure.

That was our overnight trip to Drumheller.  I still have a bunch of photos to sort through later and hopefully I will find some that are good enough to share with you 🙂  I hope you enjoyed these pictures 🙂


10 thoughts on “Drumheller – Our Trip To Dinosaur Land

  1. What wonderful shots! I particularly like the last two. I love shots like that. I can relate to you and Jessica hating to have your pictures taken – I’m not a fan of it either! ugh.


  2. You two are clearly adorable together. Now that that’s said, I can talk about the photos!I’d NEVER heard of Drumheller before, so seeing it through your lens was definitely intriguing. It’s good to see you lucked out with some really nice cloud cover for contrast, they turned out wonderfully!


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