A View of Telus Field

The Edmonton Capitals just won the North American League Championship last Tuesday.  Its been a while since an Edmonton team has been on top.  This might not be an award winning photo but it shows Edmonton’s down town and the Capitals baseball field (Telus Field).

I was just having fun tonight.  I grabbed my go anywhere D40 and 35mm lens at the last minute.  I was on my way to grab some bubble tea and beer.  (No I did not drink them simultaneously).


8 thoughts on “A View of Telus Field

  1. Although I find the stadium flood lights a bit distracting – I like this shot. I’ve made a couple of attempts at night shots but so far most of them have come out horrible. I’m hoping to get more practice when I go on vacation in November.


  2. I know what you me J. For me the field lights draw your eyes that way. But it works for me since it is the subject matter in the photo and the city is secondary. I think that it is neat that the Telus building is towing above and center of the field. I plan on visiting this location another time and grab the scene without the field lights on. I will have to remember my tripod. I was traveling in my friends car last night so I had to make due with high and grainy ISO.

    Good luck on your night shots. It is a bit different. I know some people like HDR for night shots but I prefer not to.


    1. Thanks. I have seen some HDR that I really like but some that is just awful and can ruin the picture totally. The camera I’ll be using is the one that I always use. All that aside – did you have a good time and enjoy the bubble tea and beer? I think that is really the more important issue here. 😉


  3. Wow, oddly, the stadium was not the first thing I saw. Maybe it’s the wine I’ve been drinking but I was really attracted to the stormy sky and the beautiful muted tones of the city. Really, I think that has to be the best colours in skyscrapers that I’ve ever seen. Way better than a full on night shot. Now that you mention the stadium, I like it too, but still the sky and colours are the best for me. I might need a poster of this, maybe for my birthday (hint, hint) 😉

    Unfortunately, I must report that I have never gotten used to bubble tea. But beer I could handle. 🙂

    Just want to say one more time how much I like this one. 🙂


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