End of the Season

It’s a very short fall season in Edmonton.  I don’t mean that it snows right after summer.  But the vegetation turns yellow fast and the leaves fall to the ground fast.

I went out last night and noticed that many of the farmers (at least the ones close to my home) are almost done harvesting their fields.

So I plan on changing my direction. I have a few things on my to do list.  Number one is to practice portrait photography.   Number two is to practice more macro “studio” work and Number three is to get out and shoot winter shots (snow) every chance I get.

I also have three goals that never change.   Keep learning, keep practicing and try to be creative.

I will still try and capture some yellow leaves and fall colors this year.  But, Since the sun sets around 7:30 (and getting earlier every day)  I doubt I will get much time after work to shoot landscapes anymore.  I doubt you will see much of a change in my pictures that I post.  I need to sort and process many summer pictures.

Here is a couple from the drive.  Not my favorite snaps.   But it will give you a taste of the area I’ve been visiting this last month to capture pictures.

Technical note:  Nikon D90 with 10-24mm (Unharvested Field)

Technical Note: Nikon D90 with 70-300 AF-S  (Harvested Field)


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