Re-Process #1 – Edmonton Cityscape

I finished going through my 2011 summer photos.  I am having a hard time picking which photos to process for my blog.   So for a break  (procrastination is what some would call it)  I’ve been going through and sorting out all my photo’s.

A lot has changed since I first started taking pictures two and a half years ago.  I’ve found a few photos, from my first year, that I must re-process.  I look at my rating system and wonder why I liked that photo and wonder why I did not like that one.  I look at how I processed pictures (especially white balance) and scratch my head.  🙂


Double Click For A Larger View




9 thoughts on “Re-Process #1 – Edmonton Cityscape

  1. This is an outstanding photograph of the Edmonton skyline, Charlie. Over the years I have trancended to appreciate my own photographs as reminders of the memories. I reduced the concern for the quality of the image in pursuit of more meaningful experiences and memories. I can appreciate the photos taken by others and this one of yours is excellent. One of my hiking partners is out of Edmonton. Thanks for sharing your image.


  2. I find my older ratings are often too harsh. I am more likely to rate a photo low shortly after having taken it. They need to age a bit before I can fully appreciate them.

    I like the reflections in the skyline and the light-trails on the bridge.


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