B&W or Color – Which Version? Hate B&W?

Today I was going through all my photos looking for the ones I have to process.  I got distracted again and started looking at older pictures already processed.  This one was processed and posted in the summer.  I have changed the colour version slightly and then decided it may look better in black and white.

I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.  Which one do you like better?  The colour version or the black and white version?

I’ve also re-posted my old poll about B&W in general.  Do you hate Black and White Photography.  I attempted to post this poll when I started my blog for some fun and research.  But at that time very few people took notice of my blog.  So I am going to try this question again 🙂

Click on each picture for a larger view to making judging easier.

I am leaning more toward the B&W version myself.  All in all, its not may favourite shot but for some reason I keep coming back to it.

Don’t forget to comment and give me some more advice or critique 🙂


5 thoughts on “B&W or Color – Which Version? Hate B&W?

  1. You’ve seen my blog, so you know I don’t hate black and white photography. 🙂 But I love color, too. I suppose it depends on the image, and what you are trying to convey with it, what information, what mood. It also depends somewhat on the colors. For instance, I would normally assume that I’d prefer a color photo of a sunset. And your color photo above is very pretty. But the colors are subtle enough that the black and white version somehow ends up looking more dramatic (at least to me). I’m surprised and fascinated by that, and I’m glad you posted both pictures for comparison. It’s good to remember that people respond differently to different visual cues, so it’s good to ask, but ultimately you have to go with your own gut artistic instincts.


  2. I like the B&W image better, but not necessarily because it’s in B&W. The B&W version, because of the way you’ve processed it is quite a bit more dramatic. In general, I like both colour and B&W images, but I find that often when I try a B&W version, I find myself going back to the colour. I definitely like the B&Ws that you’ve been posting recently.


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