Christmas Day B&W

I shot this picture last year.  This is one of my favourites, but I like it best in colour.  I was saving it for my 2012 calendar. I was going to make the calendar  for my family and friends but I failed to do so.  😦

Today, I came across this black and white version I did last spring.  At the time I didn’t like this version, but today I do.  I will have to share the colour version with you later.  You’ll have to tell me which one you like better, or I guess if you like it at all 🙂

I took this on Christmas Day.  Its getting hard to imagine all the snow we had last year at that time.  This year we have barely any.

Technical Notes: Nikon D90 with a AF-S 10-24mm and off camera, remotely triggered SB-28


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