Two B&Ws from the Alberta Badlands


6 thoughts on “Two B&Ws from the Alberta Badlands

  1. Thanks Matt and Tania 🙂 I love the badlands. Such a cool place but I find it harder to photograph the way I see and feel it. I think B&W works well for Mid summer sunny situations. But I still haven’t made a pretty and warm sunset one. The hills and valley make it really hard and composition is a challenge for me 🙂


  2. Excellent photos, Charlie, of a place I visit regularly. The badlands are unique in every season. Subtle colour differentials tend to get washed out in high sun. Same as the Grand Canyon or anywhere in Utah’s canyon country. Early and late day are prime opportunities but where one day can be ho-hum, the next day can be spectacular. There are so many variables, light, cloud, humitity, smoke, temperature. Unlike yourself, I am not a skilled photograpger. I take what there is when I happen to be there. I have been there many times and by default have picked up some reasonably impressive images over the years, more by luck than skill. The two you have chosen to show are very representative of the Alberta badlands. They show well in black in white and are indicative of photographs of the mining era in the early 20th century. Next time you swing by that way, it may be worth your time to check out East Coulee east of Drumheller which includes Hoodoo Provincial Park, Wayne, and Star Mine where each offers unique photographic opportunities.


    1. Thanks Barry 🙂 Thanks for the Traveling tips too Barry 🙂 I’ve been to some of the places but I will mark it on my map for further exploration next time I am there. I feel like the biggest kid when I am in Drumheller. Yes I have to agree with you. Every time I visit the Badlands I get a happy and frustrated. When the badlands are nice to you the pictures rock. When they don’t…..


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