Winter Hay Bale

In January Charlie and I went out to shoot winter sunset landscapes. We left the city a little later than we should have; the sun sets so early that time of year. After driving around for a while in search of a good location, we found some hay bales and managed to get some shooting in before the sun fell below the horizon. Charlie didn’t bring a light stand and I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures of him running back and forth to get his speedlight in the right spot.

I definitely haven’t followed the rule of thirds in the picture below, but I really like the low perspective and the hay bale far off to one side. What do you think? Does it work?


6 thoughts on “Winter Hay Bale

  1. I like the silouhette of charlie! lol Kim I agree with your choice in putting the hay bale far to the left of the image as you have a lot of other composition “rules” covered. The foreground, middle ground and back ground is very evident. Also the bale is a large anchor for the eye and draws you in further!


  2. Ya know, sometimes photography rules are meant to be broken! 🙂 I certainly wouldn’t worry about them in these images, the one of Charlie holding the speedlite cracks me up (probably because I can see myself doing the same thing)! 😀


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