Winter Horsehead Pumps

Click more to see the other two. Tell me which one you like better or why you don’t like any of them……if you want πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Winter Horsehead Pumps

  1. Hey Charlie, out of the three I like the composition of this one. I think (arm chair critics hey!) I would have tried a graduated filter (if you have one) with the dark portion at the bottom of the composition so that you could under expose the sky making the sky a little darker and possibly more interesting. The scene has very high contrast and very difficult to deal with so overall I think is a great photo.


    1. Thanks Laurice πŸ™‚ Your arm chair critic is more than welcome πŸ™‚ I thought about using a graduated filter but I always try and make the sky look dramatic. I was attempting a different feel with these last few winter pictures……a softer and calmer look to them.

      On print these versions look how I want them. But, now I wonder if they are more contrasty on the computer screen than I want them to be. Could be just my work monitor though.


  2. Winter Horsehead pumps” I think Number 2 is a really great picture. Perhaps a darker sky would be alright but I kinda like the natural look. In the good ‘ol days we called the pumps “donkeys”


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