Farm House

Kim and I can’t agree on which picture looks the best.  Which one do you prefer and why?

Click on the more button to see the other one.



6 thoughts on “Farm House

  1. Both have excellent symmetry and perspective. I pick number one as best balanced with a tighter crop. It is a better look at the primary topic. Excellent work, Charlie. If you ever have the opportunity to drive old farmland around Sundre, Alberta, there is a goldmine of opportunity in them thar foothills. This is one of my favorite venues even though I do not do a lot of it anymore. Nice piece of work. Very profound, simple and peaceful.


  2. I love these shots, they are fantastic! Interesting differences. I like the angle of the barn in the first one- it is more of a side angle showing more of the back of the barn, and it distorts the barn in a dramatic way. I also like this one for the fact that there is more grass showing, giving the shot more texture. However, the sky in the 2nd shot just can’t be beat, it is incredible! I like it a bit better than the sky in the first one, but I wouldn’t choose it just because of that.

    Overall, I like the first one best! Great shoot, Charlie!


  3. I actually like the second shot over the first due to the more defined clouds on the horizon. I also like the placement of the building in the second for some reason, perhaps it makes it look a little more balanced…nice job!


    1. Thanks David 🙂 I still am not sure. The conditions were changing so fast that day. The light was perfect for only a few minutes. If only I could pause the sky and take different compositions before letting it change 🙂


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