The Art of Cake – A Photo Review

Charlie and I stumbled upon The Art of Cake at the Edmonton City Market  about a month ago. Gloria Bednarz and Guenter Hess create beautiful and delicious cakes and pastries that they sell at the market every Saturday! With a consultation, they also create some amazing Wedding, and other specialty cakes.  To check out their larger cakes you can view their flicker page here.

We’ve stopped by The Art of Cake table at the market few times over the past month, and photographed a selection of their gorgeous and very tasty creations. We’ve loved everything so much that we wanted to share them with you!

The first picture is one of the two cakes we purchased for Mother’s day. It goes without saying that we couldn’t resist photographing them 🙂 I had an extremely difficult time trying to keep Charlie from eating up the cakes before photographing them, and it was killing him to have to wait until the next day to dig in 🙂

Click the “read more” button to see the rest of the tasty treats!!

As you can see, Charlie REALLY loves chocolate cake. We couldn’t find the “after” picture, but I’m sure you can image the aftermath 🙂 His dining etiquette hasn’t improved with age 😉

The macaroons below made Avenue Magazine’s 2012 25 Best Things to Eat list. Be sure to stop by the market to pick some up. They are sooooooooo yummy!


9 thoughts on “The Art of Cake – A Photo Review

  1. Excellent work Charlie! You certainly captured the delicate work & detail…not to mention making everyone want to eat cake!!


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