Canada Goose Goslings

Kim and I were out for a picnic at Elk Island National Park and we found some goslings 🙂  Wildlife photography is not my forte but it was a fun challenge.  Those little ones can move fast!

Click “more” to see two other pictures 🙂


6 thoughts on “Canada Goose Goslings

  1. Beautiful nature photos. Very crisp and sharply focussed on the eyes. Excellent work. Saving chocolate cake is morally wrong.


    1. lol I agree Barry 🙂 Thanks for the comments Barry 🙂 I Still need to work on those Jasper Pictures so you will have to wait to see. I wish I arrived earlier on Friday since that turned out to be my favorite night for pictures. I am still getting over an annoying cold so I have not done much……including visiting everyone’s blog…which is on my ever growing to-do-list 🙂


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