Favourites Page Updated

TGIF Everyone 🙂

I hope your weekend turns out great.

I’ve been meaning to update my favourites page for a long time.  Over the last year I have learned new processing techniques and refined my photo finishing process.  My goal had been to re-visit my 2011 pictures and process them again, but that will have to wait.  I don’t have the time and I imagine my wrist wouldn’t be happy with me if I tired.

My long-term goal is to acquire a good printer and concentrate more heavily on the print.  I’d like to keep re-visiting my favourite photos and reprint them, creating a physical history of my “darkroom skills”.  I guess the problem with this dream is one of storage…..never enough wall space.   Even if I could sell them I would hate to let them go 🙂

The photos on the favourites pages don’t represent technically perfect photos but photos that I personally like and I imagine they represent my way of seeing things.  The favourites page now has two sub pages.  There is a new 2011 Favourites and I’ve updated the old page slightly.  If you have some time please check them out.  I know a few of you will have seen them already since they’ve been posted on the blog throughout the year.




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