Waddles on Seamless White

It’s been far too long since either of us posted a picture.  Sorry for the delay!

Charlie and I have been working on a fun new project.  We painstakingly converted a fully furnished dining room and living room into a temporary studio, complete with  a 9 foot wide paper background.  I wish one of us would have remembered to take a picture of the set up… it was a tight fit in the 9.5 foot wide living room.

We are in Jasper this week, and we can’t share our time sensitive project yet, so you’ll have to wait a while longer for another post.  So until then, here is a picture of Waddles who was nice enough to be a stand-in during set up.



5 thoughts on “Waddles on Seamless White

    1. Thanks David 🙂 I know Kim is excited to show our little project. 🙂 I am lucky we had our pictures backed up as my computer is now junked. Working off my laptop sucks so I am working on building a new computer right now. I’m looking forward to posting some winter pictures soon 🙂


    1. 🙂 so much to do Barry…so little time 🙂 My computer is up and running finally. I was looking through our Jasper pictures last night and i have to admit its quite a challenge to shoot in the mountains. Hopefully I will have one or two that are good enough to go on the blog. It is such a pretty place in winter. Even on the cloudy days Jasper is amazing. One of these days I will have to hike up a mountain and camp so I have the proper amount of time to capture it correctly.


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