Fresh Spinach Pasta

Food-S copy

Charlie and I had been eyeing up a pasta machine we saw at Crate & Barrel for quite some time… we could not stop thinking about it. Each time we went to the store we wanted it more and more. We initially refrained from buying it because we don’t “need” it and we’re saving money for our wedding. Then, during one of our visits to the store the pasta machine was gone, and we (mostly Charlie) were heartbroken (maybe that’s a little dramatic…).  To our (Charlie’s) delight the pasta machine was back in the store the next time we went in. We could resist no longer, and Charlie bought the machine and made me fresh pasta soon after (It was delicious!!). With this new pasta machine as inspiration we did a fresh pasta photography shoot. We hope you enjoy our photos.

Food PastaDon’t forget to click on images for a larger view 🙂

IMG_9647 copy

IMG_9585 copy


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