Spreading myself out too thin seems to be the norm.   I find it hard to balance the task of taking photos with the task of processing photos. When I’m taking photos I visualize what the the photo will look like in print, and when it’s time to process  I  try to recreate what I visualized.  I tend to be a perfectionist, so processing takes a lot of time. It’s easier to keep the photo as visions in my head (but then nothing would ever get processed 😉

The new printer has been chipping away at my free time too, but it has given me more control over the final print.   Its nice to finally have the chance to test out different types of  paper.   I’ve narrowed down the selection to a few of my favourites.   The two on the top of my list is Ilford Gold, Fibre Silk, and Hahnemuhle Photo Rag.

I’ve been so slow at posting new pictures to the blog, and its been bugging me!  I’ve started sorting out our vacation pictures from the summer.  I don’t usually get many good ones while on vacation because there is so much else to do, but I managed to take a few that I will post on the blog for everyone to see 🙂    This photos was taken from the beach in Victoria.  🙂



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