Victoria Coast Line

I love the BC coast. It was so cold when I took this picture but I still loved being out by the water. I wish I would have worn warmer clothes but time was not on my side anyway. I have the feeling I missed “the shot” by just a few minutes. When I reached the beach the light was already fading behind the clouds. If only I left the hotel a few minutes earlier……Oh well 🙂

12_08_07_038 copy

I cheated 😉 a bit when processing this picture. I processed the raw file twice. Once to darken the sky, but that made the ground too dark. So I process another to make the ground lighter, but that took the colour out of the sky and made a lot of it white. I then blended both pictures together to get a more realistic look for the light. I could have used the brush in lightroom to balance the light but it would have taken longer and would have been harder.


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