The View



3 thoughts on “The View

  1. Hi from Oregon. Love photos and your blog. Would enjoy you following the blog I have started about our RV trip & kayak hosting at winecoastersblog. Could you advise what camera & lens do you use for your pictures? thanks and happy picture taking!


  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting the blog. Keep up with the wine posts and I’ll follow you forever 😉

    I mainly use DSLR cameras. I use them for the quality (for the price), the huge variety of lenses available, and lastly the ability to shoot in very cold winter conditions (-30 C). I’m on a small budget and I find that DSLR “pro-consumer” bodies can be bought cheaply at the right time. I also shoot using my little Panasonic DMX-LX3 which is what this photo was taken with. I’d love a Fugi EX-II for a carry around/vacation camera, but that likely wont happen anytime soon…its just not in the budget 🙂


    1. thanks Charlie – we just finished a few days in the Willamette Valley tasting wines – one of our favorites. If you get the chance, hope you can visit. thanks for stopping by my blog. Having fun with it. Gail winecoastersblog


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