A Busy Year

Its been ages since I’ve posted anything to this blog. 2014 has been a busy year for Kim & I and things got even crazier during the fall, but crazy in a good way. We managed to make time for a vacation during the last half of October (to visit the Grandparents). At the same time we were also juggling the sale of our little one bedroom condo and buying a three bedroom duplex. Not to mention the field work that sends me “everywhere” with a minutes notice. So blog posting was unfortunately last on the list. (not to mention my main computer was boxed up for almost a month!). So the new place has been organized a bit and work has slowly started to wind down before the holidays (Kim may disagree). I purchased a little flat bed scanner to share one of two pictures I have taken with one of my newest cameras.  It might not be newly manufactured but its a camera that has made creating much more fun. So once in a while you might see more of these showing up on the blog.  This was taken on our way back from our BC vacation. I was stretching my legs and noticed some clouds that interested me and this is the result:





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