Edmonton’s Deep Freeze Festival

In December I submitted four photos for a possible showing at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts during Edmonton’s Deep Freeze Festival. The show will display various mediums by different artists.

I was excited to hear back that three of the pictures I submitted were chosen for the show. If you are in the area on January the 9th or the 10th please take a minute to check out my prints.

I know many of my followers and friends reside elsewhere so here are the pictures that made it into the show:




Frozen Waves


Winter_2015_022 C



Tracks #2





On A Hill


14_09_08_069 C


This next picture was the one that didn’t make it into the show. I was a little disappointed because it’s one of my favourites, but I have to admit the subject is different than what I have been shooting as of late.



12_11_10_079 copy

So if you can, please check out my prints and all the other great art during the Deep Freeze Festival! 🙂



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