About Charlie


I’m a tree 😉 Oh wait, no I’m not….I just got confused for a second.  I like to think I’m a Dreamer, Technical Artist and a Pessimistic Optimist, but basically I’m a landscape photographer. I’m living and working in Edmonton, Alberta. I don’t travel often and most of my trips are for camping.

My mission is to show you “my view” of the prairies or in other words show you what my imagination sees. Imagine a long car ride through the prairies….what do you see? what do you focus on? Where does your imagination take you?

I do enjoy taking photos of other things but I find Landscapes the most relaxing. Also, food is one of my more addicting habits so you may find the odd picture of a dish here. Anyway, I hope you enjoy viewing my photos. Don’t hesitate to make comments or ask questions here on the blog or you can also track me down on Twitter, Instagram or send me an email me at cw.mcdonald.photography@gmail.com





12 thoughts on “About Charlie

  1. I enjoyed seeing your architecture photography, also the nature photos… I’ll have to register a blog and post pictures there, as for now most photos are uploaded to facebook, but I’d like a venue to share them with other amateur photographers. Susan, Santa Maria, CA


  2. thank you very much for visiting my blog and for the follow.. I am following you as well. Your photographs are simply beautiful and I look forward to your new posts..


    1. Thanks Vicki 🙂 I’ve been working too much and I haven’t had time to look at many blogs lately. But Kim said I should check out your blog out. You have some pretty photos and live in such an interesting place. Wish I was there 🙂


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