Day 6 Art Advent Calendar

Here is my day 6 for the Art Advent Calendar 🙂 This one was taken in the summer and I haven’t posted it here either 🙂



Field Sketch: Pea & Canola Field

I was exploring the country side just outside of Edmonton when I stumbled upon this farm field. Considering that I rarely see fields planted with peas I had to stop and take a look. The beautiful landscape was peppered with small white flowers and on the crest of the hill was a thin strip of Canola. It wasn’t quite sunset but the sun was getting low and some trees were already casting a long shadow on the field. I spent over an hour trying to find the right composition, focal length and camera to use. Here are eight pictures from that day 🙂

(Nikon D7000 & 70-200mm F4)

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