Canola – Slower Speed

Life can be busy for all of us and this is no exception for me. As of late you may have noticed fewer posts uploaded. I’m still taking time to explore the Alberta country side, but lately I have allotted less time to this blog. Upon reflection I’ve decided not to fight this direction. I will be scrutinizing my photos more and will be showcasing smaller selection. I hope you enjoy what I post and I’ll still be keeping up with the pictures and stories my fellow bloggers post.:)


Prairie Field #16 (Re-post)

I noticed that someone was looking at my November 8, 2012 blog post recently. I forgot all about this post! I spent a good amount of time studying the photos as a consequence. It tweaked my interest so much I decided to do re-post.   🙂 

I’m not sure that the black & white version is still my favorite. When I processed these pictures, my personal “style” was not as well defined and I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it.

I don’t make b&w pictures anymore and if I captured this landscape today I might have processed the colour version slightly different….maybe a tighter crop? Perhaps I’ll publish this photo with a newer interpretation soon.  🙂  

 Original Post:


The B&W is my favorite but the colour is not very far behind. Do you have a preference when it comes to this photo?