New Portfolio

I did a minor update to the blog layout that includes a link to my new Portfolio. The new site showcases my Alberta landscape photography. Also, I am in the process of updating my Instagram page. I will be posting some of my favorite pictures that didn’t make it into the Portfolio. Please visit and follow me on Instagram 🙂

I’m really happy with the look of the new portfolio considering it didn’t cost me anything extra to create. If you have any suggestions or comments on the new Portfolio please comment below 🙂


Canola and Sky #6


I love the lighting in this photo. You may say it’s my favorite kind of lighting even if it’s simple and possibly plain. The sun is shining from behind and it illuminates the ground and the dark rain clouds in front of me. I spend all summer waiting and hoping for days like this one. You can guarantee I’ll drink a couple after a day like this 🙂